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Safety and Innovation

TML strives to become the safest and most innovative Stevedoring Company in the world. To do this our equipment is fitted with some of the latest technology.

The decision was made to invest in electric cranes over hydraulic due to the efficiently and ability to use a hybrid drive system to be more cost-effective. Noise levels are also reduced to help reduce the impact on local surroundings.

The cranes also contain many smart features, such as point to point control, anti-sway and soft landing to enhance productivity and increase safety.

For unloading of bulk cargo a 70m³ hopper is utilised which accepts bulk grabs and can discharge directly in to a truck. The hopper is designed to exceed current environmental needs, and can be used for the import and export of products when being used in conjunction with a telescopic radial shiploader with dust encapsulation.

Operation of the hopper is performed by one operator by the press of a button from a safe and clean environment.

Our bulk grabs can operate without rollover on steep cargo profiles improving safety, and have superior sealing qualities to help minimise dust and spillage.

To further reduce dust, TML employs misting systems of over vessel hatches to suppress dust. 

TML also use a simulator to train and improve our operators which reduces equipment downtime, training incidents and emissions. Difficult conditions can also be simulated giving our operators the skills to deal with most situations, should they arise in the real world.

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